Accurately Financial Calculator

This is just an ordinary financial calculator. I have a Texas Instrument BA II Plus calculator I had used in school, and I wanted to have it on my iphone so I can use it whenever I lease a new car to see if the deal is fair (refer to the attached TVM cheat sheets). Yes, that's only when I needed a financial calculator so far.

Accurately Financial calculator will be a great tool for students of Finance 101 learning TVM from text books. Also if you are already used to using TVM buttons of a financial calculator and you feel that's all you ever need, then this will be worth taking a space of one icon in your iphone.

This app will not be a great tool if you needed any other than N, I, PV, PMT, FV buttons to fulfill your everyday needs - please purchase a full featured app from Texas Instrument, HP, or 3rd parties.

Even if you are pretty sure about what you do with a financial calculator, please spend 3 minutes on the user manual attached here so you can maximize the use of this app. Also TVM cheat sheets will be fun to read if you wanted a little help in making decisions around financing a car or a house.

Jan 2013
Changgull Song

Note 1: Please note that calculation is set to monthly (periods/year = 12) by default. Press OPT and change the periods/year to your needs before leaving negative feedback for inaccuracy
Note 2: I may be wrong but competitions might leave unfair negative feedbacks. If you liked this app, please leave a positive feedback so I can justify my expense of $100 per year to keep this app for free